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Enhance customer experience, feed innovation, manage risk and improve overall financial inclusion

The Problem


feel that decision-making in the financial services sector is too heavily reliant on static numbers, such as credit scores


of consumers would like a way to better monitor and improve their quality of their life


feel it is unfair that credit scores condemn them for poor financial decisions made in the past


are seeking ways to disrupt the insurance market as their most important objective over the next 12 months


of insurers are concerned with their current level of customer experience


of insurers are challenged to reduce underwriting risk

Our Solution


What we do

Our novel and unique solution defines individuals, families and groups of people on their life attributes, not just static numbers

Why we do it

We empower insurers, banks and employers with data insights so that they can bolster the well-being of the communities they serve and help their customers lead a more fulfilling, healthier and higher quality of life

How we do it

We combine health, wealth, environmental and world data with advanced analytics to build a more rounded and inclusive picture of the customer…

…we call this a VioScore™

Enhance customer experience

Use VioScore to reward low risk customers like David with compelling, personalised offers and benefits

Innovate & grow

Use VioScore to open up products and services to customers like Justin and reward them for adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Manage Risk

Identify customers like Claire who are on the path to being higher risk customers and intervene by offering products and services that will get them back on track

Improve overall financial inclusion

Re-engage customers like James, who were rejected via traditional screening methods, to see if the more rounded view of their life offered by VioScore indicates that they are acceptable candidates for products and services

Our Product

A much improved, distinctly personalised customer view, allowing the insurer to enhance the customer’s experience with relevant offers and products, all the while feeding innovation, managing risk and improving overall financial inclusion

Enhanced customer experienceInnovation and growthRisk managementFinancial inclusion

VioScore™ - Dashboard
VioScore™ - History
VioScore™ - Recommendations

An intuitive app with a personal profile built from data analysis, equipping consumers with distinctive recommendations and benefits based on their current circumstances and needs

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